Paint X for Mac

Paint X for Mac

The highest rated Microsoft® Paint replacement app for your Mac®

You can use Paint X like a digital sketchpad to draw, color, edit pictures, make pictures & creative projects, or to add text and designs to other pictures, such as those taken with your digital camera. The realistic digital "brushes" will bring your pictures to life in shades of watercolor, crayon, calligraphy, etc.

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Paint, Draw, Color, Sketch, and Edit Pictures with Ease

You can use Paint X to sketch an idea, draw a diagram, illustrate a concept, or paint a picture. If you've used Microsoft® Paint before, you'll find that Paint X is as simple to use as Paint, and has additional really useful features.

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150+ Built-in Realistic Digital Brushes

Packed with an ultimate fast paint engine, professional-grade perspective paint tool lets you focus on drawing.

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Add Text to Your Pictures

You can use Text tool in Paint X to put text on pictures without any of the hassle.

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25 Ready-made Shapes

Included Shapes: Line, Curve, Oval, Five-point star, Heart, Cloud, Smile and so on.

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Efficient tools:

  • Pencil tool, Eraser tool, Airbrush tool, Fill tool, Text tool, Color picker tool, Rectangle selection tool, Free-form selection tool
  • Over 150 built-in paintbrushes: DNA brush, Calligraphy brush, Blur brush, Ink brush and so on
  • 25 ready-made shapes: Line, Curve, Oval, Five-point star, Heart, Cloud, Smile and so on

Drawing functionality:

  • Rotate/Resize shapes or selection freely
  • Flip the image horizontal/vertical
  • Crop image by selection
  • Paint with a transparency color anywhere
  • Stroke/Fill shapes with respective colors
  • Select the most recently used colors from the builtin colorpanel
  • Cut/Copy/Paste
  • Paste from an image file

Other features:

  • Canvas/image size is adjustable
  • Support Drag and drop operation
  • Support Zoom In/Out feature
  • The maximum undo/redo times is adjustable
  • Support multiple image windows opened at the same time
  • Support printing
  • Support file formats: png, tiff, bmp, jpeg, gif